Summer in review

Oh hello summer, where have you gone? I can’t believe how the last two months have flown by, and I’ve been so bad at updating the blog.
This Summer I’ve been:

Turning 27, eek! I spent my birthday evening at the wonderful Greens vegetarian restaurant in West Didsbury. The food is delicious and homely (the cheshire cheese and sage sausages come highly recommended) and it was such a treat to have a choice of dishes on the menu – the novelty! Plus the staff were darling and put a candle in my creme brulee, so sweet.

Loving the beautiful colours of summer flowers. I especially like the clematis that looks like humbugs, and this wildflower meadow. It’s been kinda difficult trying to get a range together for Autumn/Winter in the middle of summer; sun, flowers and beautiful landscapes have been stealing my attention… but at least we have books full of inspiration for next Spring/Summer.

Watching hot air balloons at the Bristol Balloon Fiesta. This is the second year I’ve been, but there’s still something quite magical and fascinating about watching almost 100 giant balloons taking off pretty much at once and then disappearing off into the distance like tiny, well, balloons… like someone’s just let go of them. I’d love to go up in one and see what it’s like looking down below.


Being a photographer’s assistant. My boyfriend is a super-talented wedding photographer, so I spend the odd weekend being a model for light tests, runner, holder-of-things and general dogsbody. It’s hard work but a nice feeling to be part of someone’s happy day. I loved shooting a wedding at Manchester Art Gallery (the ceremony takes place in the Valette gallery, which is my favourite one there… French Impressionism and Manchester, perfect). The shot above is from a test shoot we did the week before, next to a painting by his favourite artist, Francis Bacon, and a stunning portrait by Lucien Freud. I’ve also been busy building him a new website, which is launching soon.

Attending a fundraiser for Friends of the Whitworth Art Gallery, organised by our art teacher from high school, Mim. She’s so supportive of all our creative endeavours, which means alot to us, and I’m so glad that they managed to raise £650 for such a great cause. And yes, I do realise I look like a total lush in that picture.

Learning to climb. The first thing to be crossed off my list of things to do while I’m 27 is rock climbing. Every month for the last, um, year and a half, I’ve promised myself that – when I get paid – I’ll book my lessons. And I always bottle out. So this month I bit the bullet and started a four-week course at Awesome Walls, which has the highest climbing wall in England (no, I’ve not been anywhere near it yet!) It’s challenging, but SO rewarding and a good way to keep fit and focused. 

Doors in St Ives

Fi’s been sunning herself in St Ives, and finding lots of drawing inspiration which you can find on her blog. She took one of her monkeys along for the ride too… I just love seeing them in different settings.

 Summer has been fun (if not a little fast), but we’re looking forward to autumn and the launch of our business. More on that coming soon…
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