Halloween DIY: Spooky Cross Stitch Pattern

Happy Halloween weekend. I hope everyone’s having a fun time!

We don’t really celebrate Halloween here in the UK with quite the same gusto as the Americans, which is a shame as I think any festivities revolving around so much candy can only be a good thing! But we do usually carve a pumpkin (see Simon’s rather menacing one from last year in the banner above) and have a pot of Haribo waiting for any trick-or-treaters.

In celebration of all things Halloween, I’ve created a free pattern for a spooky cross stitch sampler, featuring a little black cat, pumpkin, witch’s hat and Frankenstein’s monster.

Download the full size pattern here

Here’s one I made earlier. I used 14ct aida fabric and it turned out A6 postcard size. I painted a plain wooden frame with orange acrylic to give it that festive feeling (and match the little pumpkin!)

I hope you have fun making your own – you could always expand the border, paint the frame another colour, or add a few bats!

If you’re in a creative mood this weekend, here’s some of my favourite Halloween crafty tutorials from around the web:

Black cat necklace from Cation Designs

Frankenstein shoes

Frankenstein & Bride of Frankenstein shoes by Paper Sparrow

Vampire nails by Moorea Seal

15 designer pumpkin ideas on Craft Blog UK (these owls are from Better Homes & Gardens)


Kryptonite candy on the Craftzine blog

Super cute animal ear headband tutorial from Sunshine & Carousels

I love book art and anything miniature, so will definitely be trying my hand at these tiny leather spell books from Ruby Murray

We don’t even have candy corn in the UK, but put a cat in a sweater and I’m there! This crochet candy corn sweater comes courtesy of DIY Maven.

Toffee apple cupcakes

How good do these toffee apple cupcakes look?

Cross stitch resources/acknowledgements:
Font based on Stitch Point’s Alphabet Generator
Grid pattern from Subversive Cross Stitch

The rest of the pattern was designed by me and is not for commercial use.

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5 Responses to Halloween DIY: Spooky Cross Stitch Pattern

  1. Gay McKinnon says:

    How delightful! I found your blog through Fi’s post on Illustration Friday. Your work is really lovely and so varied. The stall and logo look great. I also liked reading your other posts.
    I’m amazed to learn that Magritte did fashion illustrations. (I do like to see commercial and fine art crossovers – I spent ages looking at wallpaper designs at a recent exhibition of early 1900’s Viennese art!)

  2. Lucy says:

    Hi Gay, thanks for the kind words about our blog! I love your scary illustration too – I (Lucy) actually have a phobia of taxidermy, so it’s quite apt.

  3. Cara says:

    Lovely cross stitch design, particularly loving the little Frankenstein monster head!

    Oooo… toffee apple cupcakes… yummm… xx

  4. Ruby says:

    Thank you so much for sharing my teeny tiny spell book. I love your blog, great illustrations.


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