Monkey Tour: Cornwall

What’s a monkey tour? I hear you say.

Well, it started earlier this year when my boyfriend, Simon, took the Grumpy Monkey Fi made for him (in fact, the original Grumpy Monkey) with him on a skiing holiday.

Then, this summer, Fi took pics of her daughter’s monkey on a cultural trip around St Ives.

We thought it would be fun to take pictures of them in unusual outdoor environments, and I just love how they have so much expression; Fi’s designs really do seem to come to life (or is it just me that thinks toys have secret lives…?)

And so, it was my turn to take my monkey on tour on my recent trip to Cornwall. Her name is Penny and Fi gave her to me for my last birthday.

Her trip got off to a bit of a bumpy start on the first night when a sock-loving black lab called Alfie took a shine to my monkey. He can usually be found with something (balled up socks, shoes, cuddly toys) in his mouth. Just before bed, he decided to show me what he’d found in my bag… it was Penny!

After rescuing her from the jaws of the beast (ok, so he’s not really a beast… he’s pretty darn cute when he’s sorry), she was mainly intact, but had a rather gammy arm.

Fortunately, our host (the very talented textile artist, Jo Dewar) was on hand with a needle and thread to make her all better.

The weather wasn’t great in Cornwall, so my plans of building sandcastles in the sun were scuppered. But there were plenty of beautiful coastal walks, photography and a bit of rock pooling.

Here’s Penny at Poldridmouth Cove… we found tiny crabs!

And here she is on the cliffs at Polperro (note the photography monkey in the background)

I hope you enjoyed my part of the monkey tour. If you’re going on a vacation and would like to take part on your own blog, email us at hello [at] Beautiful, one-off handmade monkeys will also be available at Fi & Me very soon.

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