Daily Animal Doodle #4: Fawn

I wasn’t sure about today’s effort at first. One, my original sketch (which took about five seconds) actually looked more like a fawn, and two, I started drawing it on the bus ride home from work – which was shaky to say the least! But it actually turned out better than expected.

Fawns are just naturally so cute – the big eyes, huge ears, tiny faces and bambi legs – that I thought it deserved a fancy frame. If I was drawing it again, I’d probably make the eyes bigger and re-draw the neck. But not bad for an hour’s work.

Speaking of fawn’s I’m in love with this custom-made fawn from Skunkboy Creatures.

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One Response to Daily Animal Doodle #4: Fawn

  1. andrea says:

    sooo cute!! I love the frame and banner! The fawn is absolutely adorable. are you using colored pencils? I tried using them a couple times, but could never get them to look the way I wanted. totally inspired to try again : ) Katie from Skunkboy makes the sweetest things, right!? thanks for doodling and sharing, Lucy : )