Two weeks of daily animal doodles + an update

Hello poor neglected blog. When we started this blog for Fi & Me, I didn’t intend on being such a part-time writer. But sometimes life gets in the way, you know. Recently my full-time job got stupidly busy (I’m an editor by day), I started a professional qualification, I got tangled up in freelance work and my usually-trusty yet slightly ancient laptop died. And before I knew it, two weeks (and a bit) had flown by!

Fi and I have also been working really hard on the many exhibitions and craft fairs we’ve got coming up. We have some work in the Art Bazaar at  Arc in Reddish, Stockport, a great place where Fi volunteers, and we’ll be at Stockport Market both Saturday and Sunday this week, with two more fairs the week after. 

We’re still working on photgraphing and uploading all the stock for our new website, plus, we’ve just found out that we’ve got a spot in a pop-up shop in Chorlton in December. Exciting but very very busy times ahead! 

In the midst of all the chaos, I have still been managing to keep up my daily drawing challenge to doodle an animal per day. In fact, I think nipping out for a coffee everyday with just my colouring pencils for company has been one of the only things that’s kept me sane. So I thought I’d show you what I’ve been up to and include a little ‘rogues gallery’. Plus it adds a bit of colour to what is quite a dull post, hehe.

As a rather out of practice doodler, I have found some of these animals quite challenging to draw, especially some that I thought would be easy (case in point: my bunny rabbit looks more like a boston terrier!) and some are positively obese. Plus I haven’t always stayed true to my style of head-on portraits (if anyone knows how to draw a narwhal head-on, I’d love to know). But others – like the hedgehog, barn owl and racoon – I’m actually quite proud of.

Only seven more left to do this month…

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