Sketchbook Project 2012

I have some exciting news for you all. My beautiful, talented sister (and business partner) Fiona is taking part in this year’s Sketchbook Project.

For those of you that don’t know, the Sketchbook Project is a collaborative art project run by the Brooklyn Art Library, featuring artists from around the world.

Each artist that signs up is sent a blank sketchbook and asked to choose from a list of themes as a starting point for their sketches.

The finished sketchbooks then go into what the organisers call “a constantly evolving library of artists’ sketchbooks from across the globe” and the entries from each year go on tour around various cities in the US and Canada, then Melbourne in Australia and – most excitingly for us – London, UK. (Not that we live anywhere near London, but it’s a darn site closer than another continent!)

Fi chose the title I Remember You, and above is a sneak peek of one of her pages.

She’s keeping the rest under wraps for now (even I haven’t seen them), but be sure to keep checking back here or Fi’s illustration blog for more news.

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