Monkey Goes to China

Our monkeys love to travel. In fact, they’re turning out to be better travelled than we are! That’s why we started the Monkey Tour.

Whenever a friend or family member goes on a trip, we ask them to take one of Fi’s handmade sock monkeys with them and to take pictures of them in interesting places (you can see more on our Facebook page).

We were so excited when our friend’s Catherine and Marilyn said that they were taking their monkey to China with them. That’s 4,927 miles away!!

Here are some pictures from the trip. We still can’t believe that a Fi & Me monkey has been to the Great Wall…

Getting the hang of this camera lark in the airport lounge…

Aah, that’s better (with the Terracotta Army)

Having a rest on the wall. Well, it is a bit of a hike.

Monkey and Ted, on the wall and on their way to the Forbidden City

Thanks to Catherine and Marilyn for the pictures. We hope you enjoyed them.

If you’d like to take part in the tour, email us at

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