Random Wall Art

You know some days you’re just having a really crappy miserable day. You’re in a grump, you have an argument, your umbrella breaks, you get rained on…

And then you walk round the corner to see a giant blue tit painted on a 50ft wall wall. I don’t know, it was just so bright and beautiful – and entirely unexpected – that it made me break out into a smile and forget whatever I was down about.

This mural (the biggest ever in Manchester, apparently) is on the side of the Hatters Hostel on Newton Street in Manchester’s Northern Quarter and is the work of Faunagraphic, in association with Converse (just in case you’re wondering what their logo was doing on there). You can read more about the project here and see more of her amazingly detailed nature-inspired artwork. I can’t believe it’s all done with spray paint!

Just round the corner on Hilton Street, I spotted these murals too, which I thought were kind of cute:

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One Response to Random Wall Art

  1. fauna says:

    hope it cheers you up whenever you down 🙂 thanks for sharing 🙂