Daytripping: Sheffield Craft Fair

Last Saturday, Fi and I (that’s Fi & Me but grammatically correct, ya know) took a little daytrip over to my old home of Sheffield to take part in the University Union’s spring craft fair. It was a quiet affair but I got to relive my not-too-distant youth and see some familiar faces (including my lovely friend Emma who put me up for the night and gave me wine – thank you!) so it was all good. We decided to take the slow train across the Peak District, which was sunny and picturesque… when I managed to look up from frantically sewing buttons on things, that is.

For a couple of months before I moved to Scotland aged 22, I used to commute this way from Manchester to my job in Sheffield and could recite the train stations from my little hometown verbatim (New Mills-Chinley-Hope-Edale-Bamford-Grindleford-Hathersage-Dore… I still got it!)

On the way, Fi introduced me to the world of Instagram – I love it how it makes every picture looks like it came out of my parents’ photo album. So here’s our day in Instagrams, plus a few pics I took on my own camera… excuse the dodgy modelling.

Everything you see here will be available in the shop very soon. You may recognise a few things from before Christmas, but we’ve spent the last two months working on lots of new pieces. So think of this as a sneaky preview. You lucky things, you. x

P.S. Check out some of our lovely fellow sellers – Fox Bunting, Butterscotch & Beesting, Strawberry Kitten, Jodie Anna and We Live Here.

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