Happy Easter: DIY Egg Cosies

Happy Easter! We hope you’re having a great day. We thought we’d take a break from eating too many chocolates to bring you two Easter-themed DIYs. A few weeks back we were asked to produce some egg cosies for an Easter window display and here’s what we came up with. Big thanks to our friend Matt (hi Matt!) who got us the knitted chick pattern from his mum.

If it’s grey day where you are (it’s pretty dull here) these are a great for a stay-at-home craft day and for using up scraps of wool and fabrics. Find out how to make them below:

Embroidered egg cosy

You’ll need:

  • Floral fabric (scraps are good for this)
  • Lining fabric (I used flannelette)
  • Embroidery thread
  • Ribbon
  • Paper to cut out your template


  • To draw your template, draw a line 12cm wide, from the centre of this line, draw a line 12cm tall. From one side of the bottom line, draw an arch to meet the top of the vertical line. Cut out this side and then fold through the centre line and use this as a guide for cutting out the other side. You should have a perfectly symmetrical shape.
  • Use this template to cut out two pieces from your floral fabric and two pieces from your lining.
  • If you wish to add any embroidery or embellishment, you should do so now.
  • Place one piece of floral fabric and one piece of lining fabric with right sides facing and sew along the bottom seam. Repeat with the other two pieces of fabric.
  • Next place your two pieces right sides together; floral facing floral, lining facing lining, and pin together. Add your ribbon here too by cutting about 5cm, folding it in half and placing the loop in between your floral fabric. Pin in place.
  • Sew up starting with the floral side first and ending with the lining. Leave a small gap at the end of the lining for turning.
  • Turn inside out, sew up open edge and then push the lining into the outer fabric.
  • Finally, top stitch the seam… and you’re done!

Knitted chick egg cosy

You’ll need:

  • Yellow DK wool
  • 3.75mm knitting needles
  • Yarn needle
  • Black and orange felt


  • Cast on 30 stitches
  • *Knit three rows.
  • Increase one stitch at each end of next row.
  • Repeat from *
  • Knit three rows.
  • Increase one stitch at each end of next two rows.
  • There should now be 38 stitches.
  • Cast off 11 stitches at the beginning of next two rows.
  • Knit ten rows on middle stitches.
  • Knit two together each of next row.
  • Pull wool through remaining stitches leaving enough to sew up the chick.
  • Draw the stitches together to form the head shape then turn inside out and stitch round the shape leaving only the bottom open to insert the egg.
  • Turn right side out.
  • Stuff the head with cotton wool.
  • Cut eyes from black felt and stick on with glue (I used fabric glue but any strong glue will do).
  • Cut a triangle of orange felt and stick on.

Ta da! You’re finished… now all that’s left is to add your chocolate egg.

Lucy and Fiona. x

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2 Responses to Happy Easter: DIY Egg Cosies

  1. Matt says:

    Hi! Glad it worked out! The instructions sounded like gibberish to me…

  2. Lucy says:

    There were points when I was knitting it that I thought ‘how is this going to turn into a chick?’ But it worked! Thanks again.