ReddFest 2012

Last Saturday we had a stall at a little community fair called ReddFest. It happens once a year in a place called Reddish, just outside our hometown of Stockport, and supports local artists, small businesses and community groups in the area.

It was too much to hope that a craft fair in June might be sunny (heaven forbid – last year saw hail and thunder, though at least a little sun!) but the weather didn’t matter as the lovely residents still came out in force to say hello. That’s what I like about community events like this, even a very wet and grey day couldn’t bring it to a halt.

After all, we do live in the north west of England, so we should really be used to it. And it’s nothing that can’t be sorted with a nice cup of tea.

Here are some pics from our stall on the day. If you missed us, you can catch us again at the Arc Summer Fair on Saturday, 30th June, or take a look at our shop.

And here’s one of the whole stall. Some fairs we struggle to get everything to sit together nicely, but it just kind of worked on this day. I’m really happy with how our little collection is coming together.

You can see more pictures over on Fi’s blog.

All images are © Fi & Me 2012. Please do not use or copy any photographs or original artwork. Thank you!

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2 Responses to ReddFest 2012

  1. casey says:

    Wow! Your product looks amazing. Craft markets + tea are the best way to spend the weekend 🙂