Halloween DIY: Spooky Garland

Today was a sick day, but I’m not very good at sitting and doing nothing, so I thought I’d decorate my house for halloween inspired by this little doodle I did last night.


I just scanned and printed a few more, then painted in the colours using my favourite watercolour pencils.

If I’d printed them on to card, I’d have threaded it through the characters to create the garland. But for sheer ease, I just taped these to a piece of black wool, which I then tied to my blinds.



If you want to create your own, I’ve made some free printables for you to use. One with colours and a blank one if you fancy adding your own colours.

You can see last year’s halloween DIY, a spooky cross stitch pattern, here.

What have you made for halloween? Tell us in the comments below.

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