Getting ready for my first 10k

If you’ve been hanging around this blog for a year, you may have seen that last year I did my first 5k, a Race for Life event to raise money for Cancer Research.

My first 5k race

I loved it and the plan was that I’d keep training afterwards to work my way up to a 10k Race for Life in September. Unfortunately, my body had other ideas and all manner of back problems put me out of training for six weeks. By the time I did start running again, I felt really unfit and demotivated (I’m asthmatic with little legs; not a natural runner), but the aim stayed at the back of my mind, ready to become my number one new year’s resolution come January 2013.

Determined not to let my motivation slide, I signed up to a local running club, run by a personal trainer friend. Soon after, some people started talking about doing the Great Manchester 10k Run at the end of May and I said yes (May 26th felt so far away at the time, but now it’s just four weeks away, eek!)

Sweaty face after my first 7k in training

When I signed up for the event and scoured the charity list, I knew instantly which one I wanted to dedicate my place to – The Cystic Fibrosis Trust.

Cystic Fibrosis is a genetic condition which attacks the lungs and digestive system of those affected. It is relatively unknown and misundestood, even though 1 in 25 people carries the faulty gene that causes it. Having the condition means taking antibiotics and other drugs on a daily basis, physiotherapy sessions, stays in hospital, isolation from others with the condition and, in serious cases, undergoing a lung transplant. Unfortunately, CF is a life-shortening condition and only half of those affected make it to their 40th birthday, but children born with the condition today stand a much better chance and quality of life thanks to the work of the CF Trust.

I have a very good friend with CF, which is why I’m more aware of it than most. They are fortunately pretty healthy and happy, but in no small part due to the ongoing research into the condition and support that is made possible by the work of the CF Trust. So that is why I get my arse out of the door at least once a week come rain or shine (or snow!) and why I want to raise as much money and awareness as I possibly can for this good cause.

I know it’s that time of year where everyone asks for donations, but if you do have any spare pennies then you can sponsor me here. And if you don’t, that’s ok, but please take a minute to visit the CF Trust website and find out more about the work they do.

My little legs appreciate any donations

The course looks great this year, taking in loads of my favourite Manchester sights, and I’m really looking forward to running it.

Thanks for reading. x

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