Day in the Life: 3rd May 2013

For today’s Blog Every Day in May theme – a day in the life – I was going to do a photo an hour thing, but seen as I spend at least seven hours a day stuck to my day job desk, I thought that wouldn’t be too interesting. Not that this is any more thrilling, but I tried. So here’s my day in glorious, completely unfiltered technicolour…

This week, I’ve been getting the early bus into work (it only runs every two hours, so I either get in early or late). This means getting up at 5.40am, but that hasn’t been too bad when mornings look like this.


At 6.40am I get the bus (I’m usually one of only three people on it). It is the most uncomfortable, clapped out old thing, but it gets me from A to B.


At 7.20am I get to work in this shabby characterful building and usually spend probably my most productive hour of the day getting stuff done before anyone comes in and adds to my to do list.


However, today I turned up to complete IT failure, so I made breakfast and literally did some ‘paperwork’ for a bit.


Panic over and it was back to the computer. A big part of my job is sending lots of emails to lots of businesses (sometimes thousands). I’ve been doing this for years, but I still always get a bit nervous sending them out – do I really want to send this? Do I?!? I don’t know!!


It’s Friday! So in my office that means gin at the end of the day to boost morale. This is a gin, elderflower and apple cocktail… with a cookie chaser (I’ve spent the week trying to make health and safety sound sexy, so god knows I needed it!)


Home time! Though I didn’t go home, but took the train to my sister Fi’s instead. A little reading material for the train…


On the way I swung by one of my favorite charity shops to hunt for vintage (disappointingly the vintage section is temporarily closed, but I found some gems after a bit of digging – it’s my superpower!) I also popped into the craft shop to get some bits for a project I’m working on for my magazine project at college.



I got to Fi’s for babysitting duties and made dinner with my niece before settling down to watch Wreck It Ralph and eat chocolate brownies. Awesome!



And now I’m sat here blogging and sewing a hem on a dress I intend to wear tomorrow, which is how I spend most of my evenings.

And here’s what I wore today. A splash of colour for spring…



I should also mention that today is my nan’s 98th birthday. What an age. She really is quite an incredible lady. Happy birthday Grandma (like she reads my blog!)

I hope you’ve had a good day. x

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