Five Things About Me

Here’s my first attempt at blogging every day in May, with a little introduction to me…

1. My name is Lucy, I’m 28 and live in a little post-industrial northern town just south of Manchester, surrounded by the lovely Peak District.

2. By day I work in online marketing. I trained as a journalist cause I quite liked writing and stumbled into this cause I could write and quite liked websites.

3. I’m a frustrated creative. I run a tiny handmade business with one of my sisters and in my spare time I’m studying graphic design. I also have a dream about making and selling clothes.

4. I’m a loyal friend, but I’m really shy and awkward, so I like being by myself most of the time. In those Myers-Briggs tests I always come out some kind of introverted weirdo, though I can talk confidently for hours about the things I’m passionate about.

5. Interesting facts: I’ve broken three bones in my body – my tibia, ulna and clavicle. I have double-jointed elbows. I can’t drive. I’m into mushroom foraging. Oh, and I have an irrational fear of taxidermy, so I’m an awful date to take to a museum.

Nice to meet you. x

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One Response to Five Things About Me

  1. lonestarsky says:

    Ooh, I can totally relate to number 4 – I’m much happier in my own company.

    Think I’d be too scared to mushroom forage; knowing me, I’d end up eating something I shouldn’t :/

    Best of luck with the challenge x