Morning Rituals

(I’m cheating a bit with this photo. It’s the beautiful view from my best friend’s flat, so I don’t get to see this every morning, but it’s the only sunny photo I could find)

My morning rituals really depend on what day you find me on. Three days a week I get a lift into work and leave the house about 7.30ish. On these mornings I have time for a shower, leisurely breakfast, sometimes a cuppa and the chance to watch the morning news (or Ugly Betty reruns if the news is too depressing).

Two days a week I get the bus into work at 6.40, which means my alarm going off and me hiding under the duvet until the last possible moment (6am). This doesn’t really leave me much time for brekkie and relaxing, so I’ll treat myself to a coffee before I get to work (a soya latte, if you’re offering). I spend the first hour of work listening to Shaun Keaveny on BBC 6 Music and generally just enjoying the peace to get some work done.

On Saturdays I’ve developed this really bad habit of taking soooo long to get going of a morning. I get up at 8 or 9, make a pot of tea and really try to enjoy my (lazy) mornings catching up on reading some blogs.

Sunday is usually the only day I have almost entirely to myself. It’s the day I get stuff done and I like to make every moment count. I can usually be found up early, either going for a run or at my laptop or sewing machine making a mess.

What are your morning rituals?

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One Response to Morning Rituals

  1. Jen says:

    I don’t blame you for trying to stay in bed as long as possible at 6am! I don’t miss such early starts. My Saturday mornings are pretty similar as well; I get up early but don’t do much until much later. Catching up on blogs in my pjs is always good!