Sunday Traditions

Today’s Blog Everyday in May theme is traditions and I have to say I love a good tradition, especially around Christmas time.

I am most definitely a creature of habit, I think it runs in the family. Even when I left home I just packed up my quirks and traditions and took them with me, and then developed a few new ones along the way.

Most of my traditions are seasonal (many different Christmas traditions, Easter egg hunts, summer holidays to the south coast, saying ‘white rabbits’ on the first of every month). But one that is not dependent on the time of year is the feeling I get that a Sunday just isn’t a Sunday without some kind of roast dinner involved (vegetables, Yorkshire puddings and veggie sausages/stuffing for me, as I don’t eat meat). It really is the only thing that cheers me up ahead of a week at work.

I also like watching Countryfile (though maybe not at the same time as eating my tea, hello new born calf!) and Antiques Roadshow. The music of which will always remind me of doing my last minute homework before Monday mornings at school. At least I don’t have to do that anymore. Instead I can just enjoy watching other people look vaguely shocked and/or disappointed at the true value of their collectables.

Throw in a BBC4 science programme as well and a bottle of beer and I’m sorted. It’s what Sunday evenings are made of for me!

Do you have any traditions or habits you like to keep?

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