Blogging Every Day in May: DONE (well almost)

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So my blogging every day in May challenge (set by the lovely Elizabeth of Rosalilium) is over, and as the title would suggest it’s not been without it’s slip ups. For example, this the final post was supposed to be published on 31st May, but I’m doing it on 1st June… so that’s an automatic fail right there!

But that’s ok. The point of this wasn’t to be perfect; life always happens and something or other more important gets in the way (I was doing this around work, study and training for a 10k). The point was to try and blog more, it was to give me the impetus to actually hit the publish button every most days rather than keep putting it off and clogging my drafts up with half-written posts. And I think I’ve achieved that.

It’s also helped me find a ton of interesting new blogs to read (apologies if I’ve not always commented) and I’ve ‘met’ some lovely people.

All in all I think I missed two days out completely and one day I blogged about something different, but I’m going to use those topics I missed as prompts next time I have writer’s block and am sat here scratching my head thinking what to blog about.

It has actually given me the required kick up the arse I needed to get writing and blogging again, plus it’s inspired me to get on with giving this place a long overdue makeover and more consistent schedule (my little summer project!)

If you’ve found my blog through BEDM then I hope you’ve enjoyed my posts (you can read them all here) and writing your own. How have you found it?

P.S. BIG thanks to Elizabeth for organising this! She’s also hosting a blogger conference/picnic in Birmingham next weekend if you want to learn about getting your blog on.



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One Response to Blogging Every Day in May: DONE (well almost)

  1. Rehanon says:

    Hey there,

    I’ve nominated this blog for the Liebster award because I love reading it. Head to my latest post for deets.


    Miss D

    I love this blog so I nominated it for a Liebster award. Pop to my latest post for the details.

    Miss D