We’re Jammin’

Yeah, yeah, I promised you some exciting news and now I’m going to write about jam (but jam is exciting, non?)

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you’ll know that my mum has an allotment and around this time of year it turns into a veritable harvest festival up in here, as I am bestowed with giant marrows, bags of apples, fistfuls of rhubarb and punnets of berries. Add this to the beans and tomatoes we’ve been growing here and it’s made for lots of lovely fresh food. Yum!

Unfortunately though it’s difficult to eat it all at once, so preserving it is key to not letting these homegrown goods go to waste.

Making jam is one of my favourite things to do cause it’s so damn EASY. I used to think it was difficult and that you’d need loads of fancy kit, but you really don’t. The biggest faff was topping and tailing 1KG of gooseberries, but then you just stick ’em in a big pan with a splash of water and some jamming sugar (gooseberries are high pectin so you don’t need the one with this added in) and Bob’s your uncle.

Half way through making the jam, I realised that you can’t have jam without scones (silly me!) so I rifled through the cupboards and found I had just enough butter and flour to knock some together using this recipe.

Et voila! The perfect afternoon treat (and good for giving a little homemade gift, no one leaves my house without some jam).

Have you given jam making a go? Do you think you’ll give it a try?

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