Midnight Walk for St Ann’s Hospice

As if one 10k charity event wasn’t enough this year, on Friday I agreed to accompany my mum on a 10k walk.

10k, easy! I thought. I can do that in my sleep. And I almost had to, as the walk started at MIDNIGHT!

Now in its eighth year, the Manchester Midnight Walk is organised by our local hospice, St Ann’s. It is an amazing charity that provides much needed support to people in the south Manchester area and some parts of Cheshire. But it costs £16,000 per day to keep its doors open – and only a third of its funding comes from the NHS. That’s what makes fundraising activity like this so important. You can find out more about what they do here.

The night was a lot of fun, with everyone dressed up (including some comfy-looking people in onesies) and a river of flashing bunny ears streaming through the streets of the city centre. I don’t think Manchester knew what had hit it! Honestly, I’ve never seen my mum so excited as she was about wearing a tutu. Or high fiving so many random drunk strangers.

If you’ve never done a night time walk, I can highly recommend it as a way of seeing a different side to a place, and maybe some areas you wouldn’t see, in a safe environment (stewards along the way make sure you don’t get lost or run over).

Of course, there was a serious note to the night too. A garden of remembrance half way round gave us a chance to light a candle and remember loved ones who are always in our thoughts and hearts, and the reason why we were all taking part.

Will I be back next year? Just try and stop me. But next time, I’ll probably wear my pyjamas!

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