Snow Day

For the past couple of months we’ve been forecast snow but it’s always turned out to be disappointingly sleety, so I was surprised to wake up to actual snow on Thursday morning (or #thundersnow as it was dubbed on Twitter. Very dramatic!)

It was just a thin coating at first, but enough to make me not want to risk a 20-mile commute to work, so I hunkered down under a blanket with my laptop and watched the spectacle unfold. It was quite magical! When I wasn’t working I managed to snap a few pictures, and went for a lovely wander to the corner shop.

In the evening I decided to brave my driving lesson, and my instructor taught me to drive in snow. I was so scared! But pretty proud that I conquered my nerves.

We had even more today, but now the snow is melting away and the sleety-rain has returned. At least I have these pretty pictures to remember it by…

185 200 223 234 238 243 249 251

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